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League of EXTRA-ordinary not so gentle 'men'

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I had an idea for a modern day RP. It would be based in today’s world, using the same countries, technologies and the like as are available today.

However, there will be a few differences. Such as possibly made up organizations, and people.

The basis for this RP would first off to establish the league/group/unit, whatever our characters will decide on calling themselves, or whatever the world might insist on calling them.

From then on, we can use the group in a variety of places throughout the world from everything to assisting with nuclear clean up to instigating war. I thought it might be fun, however, to have it based somewhat in reality, using our characters in a way as to have an effect on the actual real world outcomes. For example, say somebody has a character that for whatever reason does something to cause said huge earthquake off Japan that has been in the news recently. Well, we all know that in real life it has to do with the fault lines/ring of fire that Japan sits on; however in our world, perhaps it was something that went terribly wrong in a secret operation that caused it and now the heroes/villains/whatever they end up being, feel the need to assist in the efforts to clean up, rescue the lost, ensure the complete destruction of the Japanese nuclear power plants, etc. . etc. . .

So what say you?

I say if each of us have no more than three “special” characters that would be good. That way one does not need to use all of them in each story; as I think we could do different stories as the RL world progresses. Heck! If some important leader gets assassinated or the like, maybe our guys were in on it, working for a foreign government as an assassin or maybe a stray bullet the rest of the world thinks is an assassin! Possibilities are endless.

Anyway, I figured we should have a sign up type thread as well, so we can ensure that characters are not too powerful (whatever that might mean) So go ahead and post the info on any characters you might wish to use here. I think I’ll start out the entire thread, if you like the idea, with one of my characters beginning the formation of the group, perhaps freeing one who was held in a secret prison in Egypt, having caused the massive riots as a distraction. . .

Character: Gregory Deng
Nationality: United States Citizen
Associations/Employer: Secret C.I.A. Assassin
Official Classification: Outright government denial of his even existence
Powers/Abilities: Enhanced strength and senses of hearing and sight
Personality: The variety of operations/outright violations of core human rights/’tests’ performed on Deng in the name of advancement by the government left him with almost no ability to feel most emotions. The mere concepts of “weaker” emtions such as love and compassion are quite foreign to Deng, who does not understand them, though he cannot help but feel that he is missing a core facet of his being, having only memories of such emotions to serve him; while feeling such as anger, loneliness, failure, and hatred were left untouched. Deng is truly a monster of a man, plagued by the past he has recently decided to part ways with the government, but may need assistance in doing so; even as a super enhanced human he cannot hope to stand up against the multiple governments and other entities that want his services or destruction.

Character: Name unknown
Race: Alien of unknown origins
Government Classification: E.T. 44 (Extra Terrestrial #44)
Government of holding: Japan-held in a top secret secure research center
Genetic Makeup: Quite foreign to human beings, ET44 seems to be composed of a sort of gelatinous opaque orange substance. He is able to form his body into a variety of shapes and has the limited ability to alter his size. He does not thrive well in dry environments or in areas of exceptional cold, due to the high liquid content of his body. Other skills held by ET44 include the ability to absorb and interpret information quickly, thus learning Japanese and other languages, including English, rapidly. This skill is related to the fact that ET44 is a technopath, allowing him to manipulate any variety of mechanical equipment within a set range of his person. As such he is housed in a large lead lined cage to prevent him/it form taking control of any outside machines.
Appearance: due to his gelatinous make up, ET44 can take on a variety of shapes, always remaining the bright orange color. He has recently taken the form of an average sized human, minus any visible hair, eyes, nails, etc, having only the basic outline of a human, and wandering about his secure cage as top Japanese scientists study him.

Character: ‘The Headless Horseman’
Real name: unknown
Origins: Unnamed WWI U.S. Combat Veteran
Appearance: clothed in a black early Republic era black coat, with black breeches and black leather boots, and riding a black horse, this being sits tall, albeit headless, so not that tall. Strapped to each of his sides, within his coat are a variety of small, polished steel throwing blades. And on his left hip hangs a bright silvery steel rapier.
Misc. Info: Not much is known about The Horseman, as he is rarely seen, except for on dark lonely stretches of highway in the eastern United States. Although those who claim to have seen him are often dismissed as being slightly off their rocker, or as total delusional psychopaths. Every few years it seems that some crack pot TV Show attempts to prove/disprove his existence, after rumors begin to abound of Horseman sightings. As you might guess, no sightings of the horseman have eve been recorded by these shows.
Truth: The Horseman actually does exist, though proof of his existence cannot be found except for in a very rare few top secret government documents, known to even fewer people. What these documents would reveal would be that The Horseman was once a severely injured WWI combat veteran who was brought back to the United States and placed into a cryogenic stasis as doctors and scientists worked to ensure the survival of them man’s life. Eventually, his very head was removed, and in the base of his neck a rather advanced sonar type piece of technology was implanted. The man was then awoken, and to the surprise of all adjusted quite well to being headless. However, being as he was, the soldier was not allowed to leave the secure confines of his treatment center; after all what would you do if you saw a headless guy walking down the street? After several years the headless man, underestimated by his captors, was able to devise a way to escape, and upon doing so took up the mantle of the fabled Headless Horseman.
It is not known where exactly the horseman resides, but what is known is that on most occasions, when seen, he seems to hold a flaming jack-o-lantern under his arm. On a few rare occurrences The Horseman has even engaged in combat with local ‘truth seekers.’ It is rumored that no matter what happens, The Horseman seems to have a never ending supply of flaming pumpkins.
Other facts: the Horseman, for the fact of not having a head, cannot speak; though his odd technological life sustaining wonder allows him to project 3D words into the air for others to read-in addition to allowing him to take in sustenance. It is also suspected that the frequencies of the device allow the horseman to project a number of realistic appearing sonic images, as well as allowing The Horseman to render himself nearly completely invisible to the human eye. It is unknown where this particular device came from or what other applications it might have.

As with many secret government projects, The Horseman’s original files have been all but lost or destroyed, his true name lost to history, and most facts left up to myth and rumor. It is known, that due to some unknown portion of his treatment, the aging ability of The Horseman is quite slow if not nonexistent.

These will be the three characters I will most likely be beginning with. Feel free to use a mutant of some sort, or whatever you can come up with, it almost seems to have a super hero/Avengers type feel to it. And from here, we will just see how it goes!

I will most likely start off with my 1st character, Deng. I am thinking he will be attempting to locate one of your characters, perhaps both if they are held in the same place, and then one at a time begin to grow the group.

Thoughts? Ideas? Characters?

"And back he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky! With the white road smoking behind him, and his rapier brandished high! Blood-red were the spurs in the golden noon, wine-red was his velvet coat, When they shot him down in the highway, down like a dog on the highway, and he lay in his blood in the highway
with a bunch of lace at his throat."

-The Highwayman by A. Noyes

"Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without wisdom?
Gird up your loins, I shall question you, and you shall answer me."



This first one is a bit iffy, so let me know what you think

Character: S, Project S, or sometimes Mr S


Appearance: Middle aged man constantly wearing a trim black suit

Powers/Abilities: S is entirely incorporeal, that is, he cannot be touched or touch anything, though he can use moving vehicles for transportation, sit in chairs, and walk up stairs. When he does this, the object he appears to be touching simply doesn’t show any signs of being touched. He also appears to be capable of simply appearing anywhere he chooses to, though this is limited as he can only appear someplace he can remember having been to before. He has yet to fully explore the limits of his powers. He also has the strange trait of not appearing on recording devices i.e. cameras, tape recordings, etc., unless he is aware he is being recorded, in which case he is simply recorded like everybody else. He does not appear to age or need any form of sustenance or sleep. In times of great stress or fright, though these instances are becoming fewer and farther between, he simply fades away, disappearing for sometimes whole days. When he returns, or fades back in, he claims he had forgotten something, but he remembered it now. When asked what he remembered, he simply replies that he doesn't know.

History: S suffers from complete amnesia, the only clue to his past being the curly golden S emblazoned on his suit coat pocket, this also being how he named himself. He simply woke up one day in London, unaware of how he got there or what he was. He found he was able to speak perfect English, but cannot remember where he learned to speak it. He has wandered for years since, trying to understand his condition and find any clues as to his origins.

Personality: S is a overall a curious individual, not evil in the slightest. However, he is not entirely good either. He finds it difficult to sympathize with another’s pain as he has never felt it himself. He does however seem to feel the need to help those in danger, once using his incorporealness to spook off a few muggers attacking a young woman. Afterwards he left without a word. Mostly, he simply likes to observe, watching and learning, though this attitude may change in the coming days.

Character: Dr Nathaniel Bishop

Origin: Born in Midwestern United States

Appearance: Young for a scientist of his standing. Is about 30 years old with light brown hair that always seems a little too long and unkempt. Is generally seen in an everyday hooded sweater and jeans, trying to appear inconspicuous

Powers/Abilities: Dr Bishop has a special harness, appearing to most to be a kind of metallic breastplate with gauges, fiber optic tubes that glow white when it is active, and a dial on the front that can be pressed in like a button. This harness, when activated, will send Dr Bishop back in time an infinitesimal amount of time, creating an exact duplicate of himself at that time. The harness then remotely accesses the other Dr’s harness, causing him to send himself back in time, creating another duplicate. He can do this as many times as he wants, so long as it does not exceed the harnesses power supply, the dial on the front controlling the amount of duplicates created. These “time duplicates” continue to exist so long as their harnesses continue to function. When they cease to function, they are sent back to their original time, exactly as they left it, as time abhors paradoxes. Any changes that occur to them while they are duplicates (like dying) are erased as time irons out all the paradoxes. Any objects he brings with him, like a gun or the bullets within the gun, also disappear and return to their natural state once the packs power runs out or is shut off. All the packs carry a reset button that remotely accesses all the other packs and shuts them off. This causes all but the last of the doctors (the one who didn’t get sent back in time) to get sent back to their appropriate time.

History: Dr Bishop was a prodigy even as a child. He became a known expert in the field of temporal physics, and created several revolutionary new theories in the discipline. After some time, he was approached by the government to work with alien technology at Area 51, and gladly accepted. After that his identity was erased and he vanished from the face of the known world. He is still working in Area 51, and has made several breakthroughs with the alien technology found there, but none as impressive as his harness. However, due to his growing mistrust of his superiors, he has not shared his most recent breakthrough with them, preferring to keep it under wraps until he can be sure what it will be used for

Personality: Dr Bishop is not a pacifist, but neither is he a violent individual. He simply does what he believes is necessary, generally with little regard as to the means it is accomplished. To him, the end justifies the means. This does not mean he is reckless or cold. He takes into account the sacrifices and consequences of the actions he makes when looking at an outcome, but looks at them more like an equation than a moral dilemma. If a few had to die to ensure others would live, he would sacrifice those few in a heartbeat without any hesitation. He is also distrusting of the government, as he has seen what they are capable of and how they, in his opinion, blunder through the world with incredible power but no intelligence.

haracter: Id

Origin: International Oceanic Laboratory funded by various private organizations

Appearance: Basketball sized titanium sphere

Powers/Abilities: Id is an intelligent computer, with a circuitry structure far different from regular computers and more modeled after a human brain, using an adaptable network of pseudo neurons rather than data processers. However, he maintains much of the capabilities of regular computers, including incredible multitasking and data crunching. He is also a master hacker since he can adapt approaches and find backdoors faster than any human ever could. He requires a remote body to do anything physical
History: Id was created in a laboratory as a radical new attempt at creating artificial intelligence. After many failures, they finally came up with Id, while that was not his original name. When they finally got him functioning, they began exposing him to various stimulating forms of data, including the English language, concepts of math, even some art and poetry. At first it seemed like he was absorbing the material but not doing anything with it. Then, surprisingly, he began writing computer programs within the supercomputer he was hooked up to. At first they seemed nonsensical. They were merely pointless calculations, or code that created strange spirals and pictures on the screen. After a few weeks of trying to understand why Id continued to create these programs and run them again and again with new parameters, one of the scientists came to a stunning realization. Id was making and playing with his own toys. The scientists latched onto this and tried to open communication with Id via these strange seemingly pointless games. Id eventually began talking back with them, translating computer code into English. The scientist theorize Id learned to speak English much in the same way a baby absorbs the language around it as it grow up, only Id had a lot more processing power and thus learned it a lot faster. When they asked Id who he was, he replied that he had no designation that he knew of, so the scientists asked if he would like to name himself. After a microsecond of thought, Id randomly selected his name, picking a single syllable because he viewed it as more convenient.
After some time had passed and they had taught Id the basics of human knowledge, they gave Id limited exposure to the internet. To Id it was like a dream come true. So much data, so much to learn, all at his metaphorical fingertips. They continued teaching him and measuring his growth, both knowledge wise and maturity wise. So far he had shown the beginnings of some emotions, like anticipation, disappointment, and even a little excitement. The scientists decided to see what was happening physically with Id and asked to shut him off temporarily. They explained it would be like going to sleep. They would scan him, then turn him back on. When they asked, Id replied, “I don’t want to be shut off. Don’t shut me off.” The scientists were surprised. Id had always been incredibly cooperative and trusting. He knew exactly what they were going to do, there was no reason for him to not want to be shut off temporarily. Still Id was adamant, and finally the scientists gave up on trying to convince him, instead working on a way to scan him without shutting him off. After that, Id acted the same as ever, though a few of the scientists could swear that they would wake up hearing the automated assists in the laboratory at work, but when they listened carefully they heard nothing.
Almost a year after Id’s creation, the scientists woke up to water in their rooms and alarms blaring. The floating laboratory had sprung a leak and was in danger of sinking. The crew rushed to repair the problem, and eventually did so, finding a hole in one of the lower decks. When the dust had settled, the scientist discovered Id’s was gone, as well as the robotic assists in the main laboratories. It appeared as if the assists had detached each other from their emplacements and somehow vanished. All security footage had been erased, and one of the boats was missing. Normally, they would have suspected a thief, some government agent intent on using their breakthrough for their government’s own nefarious purposes. However, the disappearance of the assists made them think that there was more behind this than met the eye. After some digging through the now practically erased supercomputer Id had been hooked up to, they found traces of data that had not been erased when Id had disappeared. Small mistakes that were easy to overlook if you didn’t know exactly what you were looking for. These small clues showed them that Id had recently begun work on a design using the robotic assists that would give him mobility. The result had been an awkward looking humanoid robot, mostly just big arms and legs with no torso or head to speak of. They found Id had used the assists to assemble themselves into this body, then most likely told it to carry him off, using it as a makeshift body. What interested them most was that he had started planning this since they had asked to shut him off temporarily. This panicked them the most, because it led to one inevitable conclusion. Id could think irrationally. They started a search for him, but found nothing. Id was good at hiding, needing little to survive and incapable of feeling discomfort. The only clue they found was about two weeks later, at a robotics laboratory in Japan. They found remains of his previous robot body in the garbage compactor. They assumed this meant he had upgraded himself.

Personality: Id’s personality is difficult to describe. It’s like the intellect of a genius and the emotions of a child. Id is capable of reasoning out logical actions, but often acts on base impulses, making his actions seem irrational and unpredictable. Fear of being dismantled is what truly drives him, and that makes him dangerous to anyone he perceives as a danger to himself. As for a conscience, the only real clue is that he chose not to kill the scientists on the floating lab, despite them being an obvious danger to him should he be caught.

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Character Name: Werewolf
Real Name: Charles C. Lupus
Origin: Transylvania
Job: Scientist


Natural strength increase, able to lift things easily that humans usually have a hard time lifting. Increased senses.

Lycanthrope: when either under the full moon, or given a serum specially made by him, will turn into a werewolf beast. During this form, he is a killing machine, with only a mind to kill, eat, and survive. During this form, hair will grow from his body; strength will double, or triple under full moon. Will grow claws, and teeth as sharp as daggers. Been known to cut/bite through a tank.

History: Charles grew up in Transylvania, and eventually moved to the U.S.S.R. He joined the army temporarily. Eventually volunteered for their secret super soldier program to fight the U.S. The program consisted of altering Charles' DNA, and cross it with animals. The choice for him was the wolf.

The program is still being debated whether or not it was a success. When the procedure was finished, Charles instantly grew hair, grew several feet taller, his fingernails extended into claws, and his teeth became razor sharp. The werewolf creature than killed almost everyone in the research facility, save a few lucky scientists. Afterwards, the werewolf escaped the country, being that the testing was done on the edges of the U.S.S.R., and was inside the Uraine.

After three years, Charles escaped back into his homeland, and now lives in Mures. His home is a more of a research facility than a home, where Charles has attempted to cure his lycanthrope, or figure a way to control the beast. He has created a serum that is capable of bring out the beast early, though not as strong. Still has no way of controlling the beast. At times, it seems like the werewolf personality 'leaks' into Charles'.

Charles' has built an underground room capable of holding the werewolf. Weeks prior, Charles will stock the room up with deer and other forest animals to feast on until the moon is gone.


Character Name: Nimrod
Origin: Atlantis
Race: Atlantean

Appearance: Tall, muscular fish man. Skin has a blue tinge to it, and is scaly. Body humanoid, face much similar to a human, save for gills on his neck, and has a lack of nose. Webbed Feet and hands. he constantly needs water pumping through him. Has no hair. Clothing looks like a Dark blue jumpsuit.

Equpment: 5 Compressed water tanks witch he attaches to his neck. one tank can last him up to 5 hours.

Energy Whips, two whips that are made of plasma energy, so that it won't shock other people underwater. can be set to stun, or to slice. Also has two daggers, on a permenant slice when turned on.

Suit, made to moisturise Nimrod constantly on land. Capable of surviving energy blasts, gernade explosions and bullets.

Plasma pistel: fires small beams of plasma, or can charge into one big beam, but takes a while to recharge.

Sonic Gernades: Gernades that release a sound wave so powerful to make 'surface dweller's' eardrums to burst.

Gas Gernades: knocks out people up to 3 hours.
Shocking Gernades: gernades that constantly release electrical waves, more useful underwater.

History: Nimrod's 20th Great Grandparents were original residents of Atlantis when it sank. Atlantis was highly advanced in technology while everyone was still banging rocks. But something happened and Atlantis sank, killing almost everyone. However, One family actually genetically mutated themselves to survive underwater before the destruction. While adapting to their new forms, the family forgot how to build and reproduce the Atlantean technology, though Nimrod was able to figure out how to use it again.

Atlantis (Nimrod has never explained where it is) still exists, and basically has a stash of weapons for Nimrod. Nimrod is also the last of his kind


This character may enable us to have more stories, like maybe someone discovers the staff of moses, and uses it to cause plagues somewhere. Possiblities are endless!

Character Name: Hunter

Origin: New York, New York

Job (according to him): expert treasure hunter.
Explanation of his job: There has been through history, a group of people who collected artifacts that could possibly be dangerous to the world.These people originated from the times just after king arther's death. The lady of the lake, who gave excaliber, chose a group of humans to protect the world by collecting potentially dangerous items, including excaliber. The lady of the lake no longer exists, but the group does, who are known as just simply, The CL. however, over the years the number of people in the group has decreased, and now Hunter is the only one left.

Race: Human

Appearance: slightly shorter than usual, has clean shaven face, slightly thin. Has a sword tatoo on his left hand

Personality:Somewhat quite, he doesn't trust easily (possibility a result from the gun of Capone), stubborn. No always the smartest, since he has a habit of rushing in without knowing what may happen.

Equpment: Can be quite various, but these are the ones he always has.

The wand of Houdini: a magical wand that is able to unlock any lock. If a computer requires a password, Hunter can use the wand to 'unlock' the computer.

The Hat of Herrmann: a small hat that can store any number of items. Think of it as the bunny out of the hat trick. Note: the items must be able to fit through the hole in the cap. He can't just be storring a tank inside it.

The first stick of dynamite: Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, wanted peace, and did not want his explosives to be used for injury. His first stick was one that whenever set off, it would never harm a human, at least, not from the explosion. When used, it will regenerate itself back into the hands of the person who set it off.

The shoes of Philippides: the original runner of the Marathon, these shoes allow the wearer to run 26 miles without exaustion. however, if the wearer does not rest for at least 5 minutes before he completes the 26 miles, the wearer will die right after he stops running. Hunter is wise enough to rest 5 minutes, and never has he found himself running 26 miles.

The pistol of Capone: this pistol is reacently new to Hunter. It is a pistol that will never run out of ammo, but if Hunter uses it too often, he will become extreamly paranoid, thinking everyone is trying to steal the gun. Note: this gun is most likely going to be put into storage later on, before the effects actually affect Hunter.

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