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Swelling the Ranks

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"Hello There. Are you Sentient?" A sudden humanoid form asked after it had somehow mysteriously melded through the nearby wall. Whoever this was, it was obvious who the person now in his cell with him was; the man in the other room's accomplice.

Now all the blob had to do was decide what to do. He could attack it, but he wasn't sure how much good it would do; beings as whatever it was could meld through solid objects and avoid technological scans. He could also just ignore whoever this was, maybe he would just go away; who knew, maybe this was just a clever ruse by his captors; but if that was the case, the sudden out rush of his prison keepers was an odd move; but then again . . .things were different on this planet. After all he had only kind of attacked those people in the white suits, and besides, they had weapons trained on him at that time. But again, things were different on this planet.

After watching for a long slightly awkward silence, the orange gelatinious mass decided that the best response would be to. . . .

and with that the blob without any other form of communication the blob shook slightly before flopping over with a wet slap on the floor, where it sat jiggling ever so slightly, as he thought 'your move earth man.' and while he did so he sent an alien encrypted message into the computer system.

Once decrypted it would read 'Thanks for keeping me under tabs. Its game over now. Why won't you come and play instead of hiding from me?'


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Mr S stared for a few moments curiously at the jiggling mass of gelatinous orange dessert before him. It apparently could hear his voice, since it seemed to be responding to it, but beyond that he wasn't sure. He spoke again, hoping to get a better reaction. "To be honest, I was expecting some a little more...interesting. I'm sure you have some great scientific value to the men outside, but so far I am not impressed. If you wish to leave this place, please do something to indicate so."

OOC: Remember, Id has no access to the secret base's computer system, so he won't be able to read your message.

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Charles started to work on the single computer right away. He wasn't sure why there was only one, but was in no position to argue.

As he got the computer working, it beeped as some sort of encripted message came in. Charles raised an eyebrow. why did that come? Normally, he would have ignored it, but given the circumstances, he wasn't sure.

The message was strange, but Charles found that the computer had a de-criptor on it (i have no idea what they're really called). Quickly getting it to work, in a few moments, in popped up with the message.

'Thanks for keeping me under tabs. Its game over now. Why won't you come and play instead of hiding from me?'

This message confused Charles greatly. What did it mean? he stared at it, thinking. Perhaps it was something sent by that man with the bird tatoo he saw earlier. But how would he be able to send a message, and if he did, why? No, he couldn't be the answer.

Then he thought of who they were helping. Perhaps they had some sort of gift with computers. After all, Charles himself was what some would call, a lycan. And Mr. S was whatever. He couldn't rule out anything.

Chalres peered through the two-way mirrer, and wasn't sure what to think. Inside, was Mr. S, and a rather large mass of orange gelatin. What was it?

Many miles away, in the pacific ocean

Nimrod was greatly upset. Somehow, his serpent had escaped him, and now was on the surface. What would it take?

His body glittered as it began to be hit by light. He closed his eyes slightly, but he found his eyes could easily adapt to the change. Besides, he didn't use them much underwater. Oh sure, whenever he went on land, he would use them, but his senses often concentrated on waves in the water, the motion. He could tell that something big was nearby, no doubt, his serpant.

Much to his horrer, he had found his serpent above water, where any passing ship could see. Heck, any human within a feew miles could probably see it. "Zilla, you really did it this time" he muttered.

When he was near the great serpant, he produced a something like a pipe from his pocket, with pletny of holes. Suddenly, he blew into one of them. The great serpent above thrashed at the sound.Nimrod had found that Zilla herself hated the sound greatly.

Eventually, she came underwater again, her long nose pointed at Nimrod, who was greatly upset.

"I thought i said stay under the surface Zilla!" Nimrod shouted. The serpent made a hissing sound.

"I don't care if they called you a Levai whatever, your still under my protection. If it wasn't for me, they wouldhave found you years ago. And we both know what they would like to do to you! Now get down, before i force you!" Nimrod's gills pulse back and forth feriosly. He was clearly upset.

The great serpant made some more thrashing, which started to produce very large waves. Nimrod himself was impressed at how powerful Zilla really was. When she left, she accidentally caused a crack in the ocean floor.

Suddenly, Nimrod held the pipe to his mouth. "Cmon Zila! before i have to use this!" the serpant immdiantly stopped, and, grudgingly went down to the ocean floor.

Nimrod watched her go for a little bit, then thought for a moment. The crack that Zilla had made was very big, and it could have perhaps caused a few earthquakes nearby. If that was true, there would be some nasty waves coming in for air-dwellers above.

Nimrod sighed. The wave would probably run out of energy before it hit any human dwellings. But still, he wasn't sure. "Might as well check" He muttered. and suddenly, he darted off to where the strongest wave was going.

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The orange glob listened intently to his new visitor; perhaps he wasn't as different as his captors after all; that or the sense of humor of the beings on this planet had not yet fully developed. Either way, if he was going to find a way out he needed to see how his newest visitor got in and out at the least; besides, who was he to disappoint a new visitor. And so with that the orange glob using his technopathic abilities cuased the camera in the center of the ceiling to emit a few strange popping sounds before it burst out a little puff of smoke and the camera's exterior lens cracked and shattered.

Inwardly the gelatinous blob smiled 'that should give him something to think about.' and besides, if he really was one of them, they'd have to send someone in to fix the camera if they wanted to keep observing him.

"And back he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky! With the white road smoking behind him, and his rapier brandished high! Blood-red were the spurs in the golden noon, wine-red was his velvet coat, When they shot him down in the highway, down like a dog on the highway, and he lay in his blood in the highway
with a bunch of lace at his throat."

-The Highwayman by A. Noyes

"Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without wisdom?
Gird up your loins, I shall question you, and you shall answer me."


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Mr S turned at the sound of the camera breaking, then turned back to the blob.
"Did you do that?"
Mr S could see he was getting no where fast with this blob. He shrugged and turned to leave the room.
"Fine, get fried in radiation for all I care. I don't care what that horseman says, this is boring."

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