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Bloody Bones (Short story, still in progress of writing)

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**tell me what you think...i'm going to add more, where bloody Bones gets banished to a seperate dimension, and some other things. Could possible become something in the swelling of the ranks, you know, a villain maybe***

A twig snapped as Jack’s foot slowly landed on it. Not noticing, Jack quickly leapt from the ground and clutched tightly to the edge of the tree. Quickly like a squirrel, and as silent as a raccoon, he climbed the tree easily, his talon-like fingers held him as he rose. Swiftly, but softly, he was soon resting on a large branch. Below him the village slept.

The moon provided little light, not being full, and with the few clouds dropping raindrops to the dry ground, it was very difficult to see, but Jack didn’t mind. His eyes were far more developed than that of the little snacks he was hunting for. Nothing would escape him this night. He quickly measured the distance from the gate to the houses, thinking how far he would have to run. Inside the village, torches were burning, the only other lights in the night. The guards were marching outside of the wall, also holding torches barely alight in the drizzle, looking for anything that may cause trouble. In Jack’s eyes, that meant they were looking for him.

Jack gave a smile. He was trouble. In his homeland, he was trouble, even before the ‘accident’. Felt the small drops of the liquid dripping from his face onto his legs. He looked at his bony legs, and was actually tempted to wipe off the crimson liquid by using the rain. But he did not, thinking more people would be scared when they saw him if it looked like Jack had already killed. Suddenly, he noticed two guards coming his way, their torches still burning, despite the rain. But when the guards passed by his tree, the only thing there to be seen was an empty branch, and some crimson liquid dripping slowly off the branch.

Grinning, Jack peered from the small corner he was in. The torches did not shed any light to where he stood, next to the large wooden building, but he could still see out. What he had done was a thing called darkness traveling, where he could travel from one area that was completely dark to another, making him perfectfor hunting at night. Satisfied that no one was coming toward him, he turned his attention to the building. There was a window ten feet up, but his claws couldn’t climb the slick wet walls. Looking around, he noticed a large overturned bucket, as if for baths. Without hesitation he grabbed the bucket, and moved it without difficulty underneath the window. The he climbed up, and studied the room on the other side of the window.

Inside, an adult was tucking in a child. The man was older, had a dark short beard, and from the dress of his clothes, the mayor of the village. The child was a girl, the mayor’s daughter Jack assumed. The father seemed to be quite tired, but the little girl, no more than five, was bouncing full of energy. It seemed to take a lot for the dad to calm the girl down into the bed. Jack smiled at this fact. He loved children, especially the naughty ones. This child seemed fit what he liked.
Eventually, the father had the daughter calmed down in bed, and he left the room, closing the door. The room was dark, save for a candle. Jack cursed silently as he noted there was neither thunder nor lightning. There was nothing to spook the child, which disappointed Jack greatly. He loved it when they were scared before he struck. But he was sure his appearance would do just that.

Jack looked around the room and found what he was looking for. Seconds later, from a small dark corner, Jack emerged, lowly and silently so the child wouldn’t notice him. While he wasn’t sure that the child was asleep, he wanted everything to be perfect. He loved what he did, and when somebody loves what they do, they attempt perfection.

When he was next to the candle, he said a small rhyme he made up. “Jack be silent, but Jack be quick. Jack snuffs out your candle stick.” And on the word stick, he grabbed the wick, snuffing out the light. Right afterwards he stick his fingers into his mouth, making sure no burns occurred. Now the room was completely dark. He could hear the little girl sit up in her bed, her breathing heavy.

“Daddy?” she quietly cried out. Suddenly, she could feel a bony hand cover her mouth, another around her neck. A high pitch cackle came from the darkness, and suddenly, the girl felt teeth sinking into her neck, pulling flesh. When it ripped out, she tried to scream, but the hand on her mouth was strong. Suddenly, she felt a liquid flowing through her body. Trying to move, she found she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried. Her whole body was paralyzed, from the head down, as a burning sensation went through her whole body.

Jack gave another laugh, as loud as possible. He didn’t care if the mayor heard him. He didn’t care if the guards heard him. He didn’t care if the whole world heard him laughing. The world would know soon enough.

About an hour later, the mayor busted through the door into the room. Behind him, his wife followed, scared by the noises she heard from the bedroom. The noises were like someone eating rather noisily, but the noises stopped when she went to get her husband. When she was going to open the door, a laugh had came from inside. The mayor’s hair was messy, like he was in bed recently. He stared at the bloody bed, and nearly fainted, but something on the wall caught his eye. There was writing, in blood, on the wall. What was written made a rhyme, but the blood made it look like something else.

“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jill fell down, broke her crown, and Jack burst into laughter” the writing said, and just underneath it, like a signature, was written “Bloody Bones”, and next to it, a bloody human femur bone, some flesh still hanging on it.


Wow, pretty impressive writing. Disturbingly dark but still impressive. On the other hand, no more playing Hannibal Lecter for you! I think its affecting your psyche. Or have you always been like this? (shudder) Seriously though, I guess I should expect this. Didn't you tell me Bloody Bones was the original inspiration for the boogie man?


in celtic legands, he was the one of the original boogymen (if you can call him that). basically, he was a story told to keep children in line. he was a monster that would come and eat children who lied or said naughty words.


hmmmmm Werewolf maybe. . . . ahh nighttime teleportation would lean one more towards the vampiric arts, climbing through windows like a criminal ya that'd fit. . . "HOLY COW!! HE JUST ATE THAT LITTLE GIRL'S SOUL!!!! SOUND THE ALARM!!!!"

I like.

Creepy: Most assuredly
Creative Content: dark-viewer discresion is advised
Disturbing: Ummm. . .do i really need to answer this one?
Coolness Factor of a guy warping through the night, breaking in like a serial killer and then cackling into the night: PRICELESS

"And back he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky! With the white road smoking behind him, and his rapier brandished high! Blood-red were the spurs in the golden noon, wine-red was his velvet coat, When they shot him down in the highway, down like a dog on the highway, and he lay in his blood in the highway
with a bunch of lace at his throat."

-The Highwayman by A. Noyes

"Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without wisdom?
Gird up your loins, I shall question you, and you shall answer me."



The only noise coming from the cave was the chomping and chewing of an animal. While it was completely dark, Jack could see perfectly, even though he didn’t need to. He chuckled as he ate; sometimes he just threw out a random laugh. Tonight was a good night. There were three different victims, from three different villages, all viciously eaten by Bloody Bones. While Bloody Bones didn’t often do as much in one night, he still felt proud, and even more, full.

Momentarily, Jack paused, and held his head up, listening. Somehow, he could tell that someone else was nearby. He couldn’t explain how he knew, he just knew. He could somehow sense the presence of another living thing.
The first thing Jack was to look up. He smiled at the hanging skulls he kept. Each one was a person he had eaten over the years. He smiled as they slightly swayed back and forth with the slight breeze coming from the opening to the cave. Each head was wrapped in some sort of net, and then just hanging. Some were adults, but most of them were children and teenagers.

“Admiring your collection?” a voice came from nowhere. Jack jumped. This was a first. Someone actually surprised him.

“Who are you?” Jack asked, body hunched and ready to pounce on the intruder. When he looked toward the back end of the cave, he could have sworn a face was emerging from the cave wall. When he inspected it closer, the face suddenly moved and spoke.

“Do you not recognize a goddess Jack Rawhead?” Jack jumped back a ways, startled by the stone face. But then he recognized the voice of the female.
“Danu, You of all people should know I prefer Bloody Bones. So what reason do I owe for the visitation of one of the proud gods?” Jack asked, giving a slight giggle right afterwards. He took pleasure in the look of disgust in the woman.

“You have too long done damage to the human world. Why didn’t you stay in Erebus, where your own kind exist?” As Danu spoke, an entire body started to form out of the stone. The woman was taller than Jack, but that didn’t stop Jack from answering.

“Humans are much more tender, especially the smaller ones. Besides, even you know that I am hated everywhere. Here on the surface, I get a breath of fresh air, even if I have to deal with the blasted sun.”

Slowly, the entire figure of Danu slowly came out of the wall. It still was like stone, but Jack couldn’t help but awe the goddess. It wasn’t every day someone got to meet a deity.

“And that shall be your undoing Rawhead. I now am to make sure you get your just reward.”

Jack chuckled. “One problem with that. You have to catch me first.” And with that he broke into a sprint for the cave opening. Suddenly, the floor shook, as a wall of solid rock rose from the ground, blocking the way out.
Jack turned to Danu, amused. “Is this all? The darkness itself will let me out!”

But right before he disappeared, the cave began to glow. Strands of a bright green went through the walls, giving light everywhere. The heads above seemed to have moved when the green light came near them, their eyes open, jaws closed.

Jack’s face however, paled, if possible. This was not good. The light wouldn’t allow him to get out of the cave, to escape Danu.

When he remembered that she was still there, he looked around, noticing she was absent. When he started to walk around, looking for another way out, her voice came from the rocks. “You deserve a punishment worse than death Jack Rawhead”

At this point, Jack laughed, not sure whether out of nervousness or craziness. “There is no fate worse than death Danu! Nothing can make me pay for what I’ve done. Try your best! Nothing can beat me!”

“Want to bet on that Bloody Bones?” A gruffly voice spoke behind Jack. Jack spun around, and behind him was a tall older gentleman. Except it wasn’t a man. The person was equal height to Jack, with clothes much like a farmer. But on one hand that he held equal to his head, instead of fingertips was five tall candles, each lit.

“Time to suffer Erebusian.” The man said. Jack tried to slash at the strange being one of his clawed hands, but before he could do so, one of the candles suddenly flashed a bright blue light, and Jack fell unconscious.
“Sweet dreams Jack. For when you wake up, you’re going to wish that you didn’t.”

Eagerly, John pushed ahead through the rubble. Behind him followed his 4 colleges, Gregory, Ralph, Edward, and Sam. They all were just as eager. Here, in Egypt, in one of the pyramids of Giza, was an unknown hallway. True, part of it was collapsed, but that didn’t stop them.

As the group moved through, their torches seemed to burn brighter, being that there was less light whenever they went farther in. Their torches were the only things giving light eventually, which slightly unnerved everyone, but that didn’t stop them from going ahead.

As they explored, Ralph took notice that the ancient texts on the walls changed. Instead of writings like ancient spells, the writing seemed to talk of ancient stories, or people opening what looked like a gate. In front of the gate was a man with a white beard, a unique trait for Egyptians, so this struck Ralph as odd. His eyes seemed to be closed, and on his hand he had five candles, each lit. Inside the gate was a skeleton, with blood dripping down its front. Its eyes were nothing but sockets, but its hands looked like claws of an eagle, or maybe a bear. Behind the skeleton in the gate were two large eyes, green, and gloomy. Other than that, the rest of the gate was black.

Ralph shuddered when he looked at the skeleton, and even more at the eyes. Something about them weren’t natural. Nor was the man, but he seemed to be good, like he was helping the Egyptians.

Suddenly, Ralph noted another thing that was odd. The writing wasn’t Egyptian. The writing seemed to be ancient Celtic or something. While Ralph didn’t know much about the Celts, he thought it was possible that John might.

Quickly he turned to follow his friends. He would mention about this later. Whatever was in this hallway was going to be found by these men, preferably as soon as possible. Eventually, when he caught up with the group, he could tell that they noticed the writing changes too. John said he could read some of it, but he wanted to see where the hall went. The rest agreed.

After about ten minutes, with many turns in the hallway, the group was almost tempted to go back. But then they found the big room. They found a room that was enormous, large enough to hold an elephant. The room contained several unlit torches, which the group lit, a small stone table in the middle, and a large doorway. The doorway was square, like a regular household door; save it was made of stone. The door was as tall as the room, and wide enough to hold five people.

Quietly the group went around the room, looking at the ancient markings on the walls. Ralph and John were looking at the door, whispering to each other.

“Any ideas?” John just simply shook his head. Nobody in the world had found things like this. At least that they knew of.
Interested, John decided to read the Celtic writing out loud.

“An geata an bháis a oscailt. Oscail an doras sin is féidir linn a thabhairt ar chinniúint níos measa ná an bás”

Suddenly, the earth began to shake slightly. Nervous, and scared, the group raced and stood behind the table. The door suddenly started to glow a dark purple, almost a black color. Simultaneously, all the torches went out, and the only light came from the glowing door. Where there was stone in the doorway, now a purple void filled the area.

The group looked at each other. Everyone had some sort of reaction. Some it was fear, some awe, for John is was just simply curiosity. Slowly, the group crept toward the eerie doorway. As they came closer, it felt like the door was calling them, pulling them towards it

John and the others stopped in front of the doorway. The air seemed colder, and tightly pressed. It seemed hard to breathe. John was the first to put hi hand in the strange door, but he quickly retracted it. The others stared at him waiting for his reaction.

“I think there’s something on the other side. “ The others did the same and came to the same conclusion. Ralph actually put his entire arm through the door, and claimed he felt something.

“I need to see what’s on that side.” John stated. The others didn’t argue. If John wanted something, he usually got it. However, they did take a safety precaution. The tied a rope to his waist, which was tied to Ralph and Gregory. If they needed to, they could pull John backing, in case he couldn’t come back by himself.

Slowly, John stepped into the doorway, eyes shut. The purple void felt unique, as every particle in his body has suddenly felt like liquid. Suddenly, they felt solid, which is when John decided to open his eyes.

John gasped in horror at the scene. It was like he was in a hell of his own. Everywhere was darkness, yet somehow he could see the dark red barren ground. No plants grew from it, and bones were scattered everywhere, all human. John slowly stepped forward. He was on a hill, and below him, he could see a giant snake, its head as big as John’s body. Its scales were green, it’s eyes nothing but slits, and its tail disappeared over the next hill. It seemed preoccupied with something in its mouth.

Scared to death, John frantically began trying pull his rope, to signal the others to pull him back in. But suddenly, as it started to tighten, it became loose. Frantic, John looked back to the portal, and saw a skeleton body going through, one hand holding the rope. John pulled at his end, and found it chopped off. Suddenly, the roar of the snake came from behind him, as if it had noticed a new prey, and the portal in front of him disappeared.

Right as Gregory saw a shape pop through the portal, the doorway closed. Little did the group realize that the portal had provided all the light, but now that it was gone, the room was pitch black.

“John?” one of the members asked. Gregory lit his lighter, and looked around. All he could see was Edward, Sam and Ralph. No John.

Suddenly, laughter erupted from the room. The laughter sounded demented, and it scared everyone, making their very bones shake. Quickly, the turned and ran toward the hall.

But as they got into the hall, the laughter stopped, and spoke actual words. Demented, the words said, “He’s Big!” Suddenly, Gregory’s neck was slashed at the neck by a large talon. He quickly fell to the floor “He’s Bad!” Two bony red hands suddenly came from the darkness and grabbed Sam’s necked and pulled him back, where right afterwords the sound of somebody biting was heard, along with Sam’s scream.

Ralph kept running, blindly. When his legs wouldn’t allow him to run any farther, he pulled out his flashlight, and turned it on, showing a walking skeleton in front of him, with sunken eyes, and blood dripping down its face. It opened its bloody mouth, and a vice from hell spoke out. “I’m Bloody Bones, and I’m back!”

Suddenly, Bloody Bones tackled Ralph, bringing them both to the ground. As the two wrestled, Ralph could have sworn the strange being bit him in the arm, to which Ralph just tightened his jaw, resisting the urge to scream. Then immediately, the skeleton person jumped off of him into the darkness.

Ralph, holding his arm, grabbed the flashlight and kept running, looking back to see if this Bloody Bones was following him. All he wanted was to get out of this cursed pyramid. But as he could see an opening to the outside, his legs froze, forcing him to fall to the ground. He tried to stand up, but no matter what he did, his legs would not obey, and he realized that his arms and the rest of his body was starting to do the same thing.

Suddenly, the voice of Bloody Bones came from the darkness around Ralph.

“Nasty Jack Rawhead, in his big bed
was waiting for children to die,
But then for some fun, Bloody Bones the one
who said, "I guess its up to I!"

Terrified, Ralph tried to scream. Bu before he could, a bony hand covered his mouth. His flashlight was on the ground behind him, but he heard a smash, and the only light coming in was from the outside.

“This is like a birthday for me.” A whisper came into Ralph’s ear. “I don’t know how long I have been gone boy, but where I come from, usually there is a large meal.” Suddenly, five talons went into Ralph’s chest, right where his heart was. “And you my friend, are the main course”. The voice ended with. The last thing Ralph felt was a hand with claws pulling his heart out of his chest.


Mooooost interesting. Since you're going with an egyptian underworld here, may I assume the snake is Apophis god of evil, the underworld, and the monsters who dwell there? I ask because I know his symbol is the snake


Actually, since i was mixing myths, i was somewhat thinking it may be that norse legand of the snake that wrapped around the world.


This is very interesting.

Perhaps, in the future, you would be willing to use MR. Bones as an enemy for our League/Brotherhood to hunt and capture/destroy/whatever. Of course it would not have to end your stories about him, we could make it "non-canon-esque" but just use him as a bad guy for our guys to get.

"And back he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky! With the white road smoking behind him, and his rapier brandished high! Blood-red were the spurs in the golden noon, wine-red was his velvet coat, When they shot him down in the highway, down like a dog on the highway, and he lay in his blood in the highway
with a bunch of lace at his throat."

-The Highwayman by A. Noyes

"Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without wisdom?
Gird up your loins, I shall question you, and you shall answer me."


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