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Ft idea: assinnation

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1Ft idea: assinnation Empty Ft idea: assinnation on Tue May 03, 2011 10:21 pm


i'm thinking of starting a FT post, where a guy from the Helios Federation comes into this bar like building where a bunch of thugs hang out. Here, he tries to recruit somebody to carry out an assasination on one of the Skralli, A race consisted of plants that act and think like humans. While both the Federation and the Skralli don't like each other, they have existed in peace, till now.

Why am i telling this? i want you to think of a character(s) to use. Could be human, could be a Skralli, could be a race you make up. i don't care, but start thinking.

What does everyone else think?

2Ft idea: assinnation Empty Re: Ft idea: assinnation on Wed May 04, 2011 4:06 pm


Helios-doesn't that mean sun or something like that?
What is the federation? humans? Much like the federation in Star Trek?
I might be interested; I'd be willing to play the assassin, if you two would be interested in playing the other groups-perhaps Chroden could be the 'Helios Federation' (change its name if desired) and incorporate some of his older ideas?

I like it. We need to get a bit more flushed out before we start though. Any other details you might be able to provide?
Also, do you propose using the map I placed in this forum for FT, so as to begin our FT RPs, meaning it won't just be this assassination, but the interactions of different races/governments in the solar system?

"And back he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky! With the white road smoking behind him, and his rapier brandished high! Blood-red were the spurs in the golden noon, wine-red was his velvet coat, When they shot him down in the highway, down like a dog on the highway, and he lay in his blood in the highway
with a bunch of lace at his throat."

-The Highwayman by A. Noyes

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Gird up your loins, I shall question you, and you shall answer me."


3Ft idea: assinnation Empty Re: Ft idea: assinnation on Wed May 04, 2011 5:44 pm


The Helios Federation is the biggest group out there, though this could change. The reason i called it helios is that they believe they are powerful, like a sun.

While neither The Skralli nor the Federation want a war, The Federation appearntly are hiring someone to kill one of the Skralli, knowing that this could start a war. (note: the Federation does not know about this, but no one knows that)

The target is the leader plant of the Skralli, known as the Skrel. The government of the Skralli is a hive, each plant to its purpose. The Skrel plants, while rare, are the plants whom are leaders and diplomatics.

How the Skralli reproduce is easy. They grow plants, inject them with a DNA alternation syrum, and cause the plants to become setient.

4Ft idea: assinnation Empty Re: Ft idea: assinnation on Wed May 04, 2011 8:28 pm


Wait, Im confused. Who is hiring the assassin? You said it looks like the federation is doing it, but that they don't know about it themselves. Is it one of their leaders trying to start a war and then blame it on eht other side, or some other faction?

5Ft idea: assinnation Empty Re: Ft idea: assinnation on Mon May 09, 2011 9:04 pm


change of things in the idea. The alien race whom is going to have a person assassinated is a race known as the Banshees. they are somewhat primitive compared to the Helios Federation, though they have just discovered space flight. The nasty thing about them is that each banshee can make huge sound vibrations that can actually kill people. Their weapons are none, save for whats on their ships, which convert sound energy to lazer beams.

the assassinion target is thier leader, who is known to hate humans. The only reason she (all of the banshees are female) doesn't attack the Federation is because they are smaller, weaker, and the people could revolt. Thus, they right now are just neutral.

The guy who is doing the hiring is Gregory Fenn, a diplomat from the federation. Does anybody have ideas on their characters yet?

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