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Krimn invasion of Zeria

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Okay guys, this is a little something I wrote in my spare time to use up my page for a day. It chronicles an invasion attempt by Skree's fantasy nation (the Krimn) into my fantasy nation (the Zerians). You'll notice it isn't finished yet, and thats because I want you guys to come up with what's next. Throw a few loops in, I don't care. Battles are supposed to be as much a battle of wits between the commanders as it is a battle of weapons between the soldiers, so make it unpredictable! Highwayman, you can use your city's people, even just a small team of them if you want, or take control of a portion of either army!

ArchCommander Jader of the Flash Corps watched his men as they stopped and began setting up camp. Grudner was a small city, barely large enough to be called that, but it would serve their purposes. After all, the enemy would have to come through here to attack the rest of Zeria, or they would risk getting outflanked for the entire invasion.
The city was mostly made up of simple stone buildings, made up of huge quarried stone blocks. Surrounding the city was a low stone wall made of the same blocks. It wasn’t high enough to deter an invader, but it helped keep animals out. The land around the city was just flat farmland, a gentle slope on the northern side as it turned into the volcano home of the Zerians.
Right now, the city was next to abandoned. Most of the earth-movers had taken refuge in the cities farther up the mountain. The only earth-movers still in the city were construction crews conscripted by the Flash Corps. At the moment, they were working on making the walls higher in anticipation of the approaching army.
As Jader continued to watch the men work, one of the wooden flyers belonging to the wind-walker scouts descended into a cleared space designated for them to land and take off, though he was landing far more quickly than he should have. The wind-walker disentangled himself from the flyer and ran straight for Jader. Jader’s blood went cold, knowing already what the scout was going to say.
“Commander! The Krimn are here.”

ArchCommander Jader had fought the Krimn before, but it had always been small skirmishes or hunting down some overzealous raiding party. A full-blown invasion hadn’t occurred for decades. Before, the Zerians had always managed to hold them off, but not without high costs. Plus, the Krimn always brought something new to the battle each time they came, making each invasion a constant dread as they waited for the Krimn to unleash their new trump card.
Jader didn’t know what had prompted this invasion, and at the moment he didn’t really care. Krimn were Krimn. As far as Jader was concerned they were zealous barbarians who feared what they didn’t understand and destroyed what they couldn’t control. They seemed to have a particular animosity for the Zerians, particularly for their magical abilities. It had been this way for centuries, and Jader doubted it was going to change anytime soon, just as he doubted they would succeed in invading Zeria this time anymore than the last times. The Krimn had learned the hard way over the years that while the Zerians weren’t aggressive by nature, once they dug their heels in they would not back down, especially in defense of their homeland. They had also learned of the particularly nasty fighting spirit of the flashmen, rivaled only by their own warriors.
Still, Krimn technology was nothing to laugh about, many of their peculiar devices capable of accomplishing tasks impossible to Zerian sorcerers. For instance, their massive blimps were much more impressive than the small flyers used by Zerian wind-walkers. In anticipation, Jader had conscripted as many skilled flyers as he could to counter any potential air assault. History showed that a battle between the Krimn and the Zerians always involved a fierce battle for control of the skies, the Krimn wanting it so they could rain their devastating bombs on the Zerian troops, the Zerians wanting it so they could track enemy movements and point out targets to the heavy weapons.
As Jader gave the orders to form up and prepare for an attack, the men grabbed their weapons and shields and began forming up into defensive lines behind the low wall. The front lines were armed with large tower shields that they stuck into the ground, and spears that fit through slots in the shields. The spears were ridiculously short, their lengths more like a sword than anything else. However, this short length allowed the shield men to easily maneuver it and stab any who came too close. A slit in the shield allowed the soldier behind to look out and aim the spear properly. The real advantage to the shield wall however, was that fact that they were all hooked together. Each of the flashmen provided a constant low flow of electricity into the shield wall, making it deadly to touch. Of course, the more enemies that touched it the less lethal it became, but it was the fear of electrocution that often broke the enemy assault as they tried in vain to find a way to get past the shield wall.
Jader kept a peeled eye on the sky, watching for the first sign of one of the Krimn’s dreaded war blimps. However, it wasn’t the blimps that acted as the warning of the approaching army. It was the chanting. They heard it long before they saw the army. It was loud, rhythmic and full of passion. Jader wasn’t sure what they were saying, but he was fairly confident it wasn’t anything that boded well for them.
As they finally came into view, Jader couldn’t help being stunned. There were so many of them. Lines upon lines of Krimn warriors marched in unison, their chanting becoming even louder as they caught sight of Grudner and the Flash Corps. The warriors were all tall, much taller than the Zerians, and they wore thick armor coupled with large weapons. Behind them rolled creaking wagons and metal contraptions whose function Jader could only guess at. His eyes searched the sky. Still no blimps. What were they waiting for? Had they come without them? That made no sense; the blimps were one of the Krimn’s greatest weapons, even when the enemy had flying troops like Jader’s wind-walkers. Jader put the thought out of his head and began shouting orders and words of encouragement to the men. While the men had been initially shocked like Jader, they quickly fell into their normal routine, trained into them every day at the Citadel. They continued to form and strengthen their own shield walls, and groups of assault squads waited behind them. Assault squads were the flashmen’s way of going on the offensive. Each armed with a short heavy curved blade and a small round shield, they were built for mobility, unlike the men on the shield wall. Whenever an enemy assault was broken and the enemy began to retreat, the shields would part to let the fresh assault squads charge into and butcher whatever troops they could catch. Jokes were always being made about how the squads would only attack a troop in the back, how they let their friends on the shield wall take beating while they took the glory, but they were only empty words and everyone knew it. The assault squads made sure that whenever an enemy failed to drive the Zerians back, they paid for it dearly. Their weapons were designed to penetrate, and the squads were trained to work in teams, picking out a target or a group of targets and descending on the victims like hungry wolves. They were the butchers of the Zerian army.
As the lines of the Zerian army finished getting into place, the Krimn began their charge. Their chanting rose into a single loud scream of fury and the ground rumbled as they ran straight towards the Zerian shield wall. Jader watched as the enemy army began to separate into their separate units. Units were the preferred Krimn tactic just like the shield wall and assault squads were the Zerian tactic. Each unit was comprised of ten to fifteen Krimn soldiers, and each unit type had a particular role that defined its presence on the battlefield. While the units tactic did not provide the solid disciplined defense or the inexorable offensive capability of the shield wall, it more than made up for it in maneuverability and adaptability. Each unit commander was trained not only to command his unit as he was ordered by his own superior officer, but to adapt to the battle as he saw fit. Most tacticians would say this would lead to utter chaos on the battlefield, but the Krimn seemed to pull it off nicely, their commanders having such a similar mindset they could practically read the minds of the other commanders.
The men on the shield wall braced themselves as the first wave of Krimn reached them. The first thing they noticed were the rubber gloves the soldiers wore, making the electricity flowing through the shields ineffectual. However, the Zerians quickly discovered the rest of their bodies weren’t armored as unlucky Krimn were pushed bodily against the wall by their overzealous fellow soldiers. There weren’t enough touching the wall to short it out, so those who touched it screamed for a brief instant as their armor sparked, then fell back, dead.
The Zerian side was not without its casualties though. Large Krimn armed with heavy pikes brought their blades down with both hands in mighty chops, aiming for the helms of the Zerian flashmen. Those too slow to adjust the angle of their shields were killed instantly as the pikes blade sheared their helmets in two and split their skulls. As soon as one flashman fell, a reserve shield man would move forward and take up his shield while the men beside the dead flashman would lash out with their short spears at the pike-wielding Krimn. Scattered through the battlefield were occasional bright flashes and loud bangs as the Krimn lobbed their crude explosives over the shield wall. The explosions were not strong enough to severely hurt a flashman in full armor unless it happened to land very close to him. Unfortunately, due to the Zerian army being crowded behind the shield wall, men couldn’t get away from the devices fast enough, and more and more explosions created casualties and wounded. The wounded were dragged off the battlefield and taken to the healer’s tents, where light-bearers worked hard to get them back into fighting shape.
After a few minutes of fighting, the Krimn army got their heavy weapons into position and unleashed them on the Zerians. Huge iron ballistae mounted on unfolding wooden towers fired their long bolts into the shield wall, piercing the thick shields and skewering the men behind. What looked like large iron boxes on wheels began lumbering towards the Zerians, spouting steam from exhaust pipes, the Krimn soldiers parting to make way. In the front of the boxes were large circular blades, which when powered would spin and chop whatever happened to be in front of them. Meat-tanks was the nickname the Zerians gave them. Inside, Krimn worked the furnaces to maintain power to the rolling monstrosities. Jader knew what those things would do the shield wall if they reached it. Now was the time to unleash his special weapons.
He gave a signal, and on the roofs of the city flashmen began to assemble. Each was wearing the armor of a captain, and each was accompanied by a skilled wind-walker who created a wind that would redirect missiles away from the captains. The captains each held a long iron staff tipped with a short curved blade. They each picked a target and began to concentrate. The Krimn operating the tanks and ballistae felt their spine hairs tingle, but in the heat of battle didn’t think much of it. Jader waited as each captain prepared their attack. He knew that an effective demonstration of Zerian power would help break the Krimn morale more quickly, which would hopefully lead to them giving up sooner.
He gave another single, and the air was rent with a loud resounding crack as each flashman captain released their pent up power at once. The meat-tanks they struck stopped dead in their tracks as the Krimn inside were either stunned by the blasts or simply dead. The Krimn working the ballistae fell backward in surprise when the bright lightning struck their weapons, or were bent over in pain from electrical burns if they had been unlucky enough to be touching the ballistae when they had been struck. Still the Krimn came on, men replacing the ones hit by the lightning, the tanks beginning to move forward once again. Jader gave another signal, and the captains began charging and firing at will, aiming for Krimn heavy weapons.
Jader knew that if they didn’t stop those tanks, they would rend bloody holes of carnage through the shield wall, and the battle would be lost. Jader had hoped not to play this card just yet, but he wouldn’t lose any more lives to this blue scum than he had to. He gave another signal, and the captains moved aside, making room next to them for men and women of all sizes and ages, dressed in robes and clothes from all the cities. Many of them were old or middle-aged, but a few young faces were mixed in. These were protected not by one wind-walker, but by three, all skilled and all working together to create a redirecting buffer of wind to protect their charges. As the men and women concentrated, Jader fancied he could feel the elements themselves begin to quake in anticipation. These were the master sorcerers of Zeria.
Time and again, this particular group was what kept the Krimn at bay. While the armies fought the Krimn, it was the sorcerers who broke their spirit with their displays of might. Most of them weren’t even combatants; they were simply recruited for their raw power and their unique abilities. Now, they would show these hairless rats what it meant to trespass on Zerian soil.
Jader raised his hand, and the sorcerers each picked their targets, having been trained before the attack on how to handle themselves in battle. Jader gave the complicated hand-signal that meant for them to focus their power on the heavy weapons, and then lowered his hand in a chopping motion. The sorcerers released their power.
The effect was instantaneous. One tank flew up into the air as a spontaneous cyclone formed underneath it and sent it flying back into the Krimn army. Several ballistae operators started shrieking in pain and surprise as their weapons began to inexplicably heat up, having become the focus of several master torch metalworkers. Another ballista began to become coated in frost as a water-guider worked a spell to condense and freeze the moisture in the air. The Krimn working the ballista couldn’t get it to fire, as the ice forming made the joints stick. Two tanks suddenly started to struggle to move forward, and the Krimn around the tanks moved away as fast as they could. The tanks were sinking into the ground like it was nothing more than mud. Still, the Zerians hadn’t used their trump card quite yet. Jader knew it would only work once, and he had been hoping the blimps would have been here when he used it, since it might give them an opening to take them out. Still, he couldn’t put it off any longer. He gave one last signal.
On the foremost roof in the city, a group of men and women, some dressed in black, others dressed in white, climbed up. They were the chasmite and light-bearer sorcerers, and Jader was counting on their cooperation to do what neither could do alone. He had had this idea when he had been training in tactics at the Citadel long ago, but had never had a chance to put it into practice. Until now. When he had first heard about the invasion, he had immediately put the chasmite and light-bearer sorcerers to work learning how to accomplish this one spell. He had to say, even he had been impressed with the results. It was just another way of showing how the balance between two opposites was stronger than either could be alone.
The white and black robed figures began to chant and walk in a slow circle, surrounded by enchanted winds courtesy of their wind-walker bodyguards. Their hands and arms performed intricate motions, creating symbols in the air as quickly as they could trace them. As they worked their magic, the air above them began to twist and warp, light and shadow blending together.
All of the sudden, the light and darkness dancing above them came together with a crack, and hovering in the air was a giant ferocious looking dragon. It was large enough to crush one of the meat tanks beneath one of its feet, and its appearance wasn’t unlike what the fabled dragon who was said to live deep in the volcano was supposed to look like, all spike and scale. The dragon glared down at the Krimn armies, its eyes slits of pure fire and rage.
Jader smiled. It was quite an impressive illusion. Darkness was not only the power of obscurity and concealment; it was also the magic of deception. When combined with the light-altering powers of the light-bearers, it could create vivid illusions like this one. Of course, there was one more thing needed to complete the illusion.
Down in the streets, the wind-walker masters who hadn’t been fighting were gathered together near the dragon. As the dragon lifted its head and opened its mouth to roar, they focused their magic and screamed, using the air to twist and amplify their own screams into a ferocious dragon roar.
The loud roar sounded like the volcano itself, loud, powerful, and unyielding. It was the last straw for the Krimn army. Jader doubted the Krimn chief-commander was falling for this trick, but it didn’t matter. The Krimn spirit was broken. None of them wanted to tangle with this monstrosity hovering above them. Rather than let confusion and panic slaughter the Krimn soldiers as effectively as any blade, the Krimn were ordered to retreat, backing away while still facing the Zerian army to discourage any assault squads from trying anything. Jader held the assault squads back. They would lose more men than the Krimn if they tried to pursue. For the moment it didn’t matter. They had stopped the Krimn for today.
The next morning was a nightmare. That was the only way to describe it. Without warning, as the first rays of sunlight began to slip over the horizon, the Krimn army broke into a silent run towards Grudner. The flashmen were able to get the shield wall up only seconds before the Krimn army struck with the force of a mountain. Iron blades flashed in the early morning light as the seemingly possessed Krimn threw every ounce of rage and fevered battle madness at the stunned Zerians. Jader guessed that the Krimn leaders had taken advantage of the inevitable anger the enemy soldiers felt when they realized they’d been tricked and been driving them into a frenzy all night. Now the Krimn wanted revenge.
The weapons and tactics were similar to the day before, only multiplied by the sheer numbers and ferocity of the full Krimn army. Zerian shield men were dying left and right, as the large Krimn warriors sacrificed their lives to drive their large weapons home. They also brought in their iron crossbows, but didn’t use them too much since they knew from experience that the wind-walker sorcerers were concentrating all their power to deflect the deadly bolts. Unfortunately, while this tactic helped secure the shield wall from ranged attackers, it made it nearly impossible for the Zerians to employ any bows or crossbows of their own. Most Zerian armies only had a few squads of archers at their disposal, since they saw even less action than the assault squads.
As the battle wore on, it became clear that even the concentrated ferocity of the master sorcerers, now joined by the chasmites and light-bearers, wasn’t enough to extinguish the Krimn fury. However, it wasn’t until later in the day, when some of the flashmen on the front lines began to reach their limits and be forced to leave and rest that the Krimn commander let loose one of his own surprises.
Wading past other units, a Krimn front line unit began moving towards the western edge of the shield wall. As far as any of the Zerian spotters could tell, they were just another Krimn unit, rushing to throw themselves on the deadly shield wall. However, as they reached the wall, it became quickly apparent these soldiers were anything but an ordinary Krimn unit. As the Zerian shield-men began thrusting their short spears at the Krimn unit, one of them, a large Krimn wearing thick iron armor and carrying a standard iron pike, began parrying the blows with ease, wielding the long wooden haft more like a staff than a heavy bladed weapon. As he parried, he reached forward and yanked one of the short spears out of the Zerian’s hands. Before the shield-man could rearm with a spare handed to them by the soldier behind them, another of the Krimn soldiers, this one a bit smaller and leaner, ducked forward and placed something on the large shield. It was a small round iron half-sphere, topped with what looked like a simple yellow crystal. However, the crystal began to grow brighter and brighter, the strange device beginning to hum at a high-pitch. The soldier holding the shield, who had seen the device a split second before it had been put on his shield, realized in a moment of clarity that the crystal was one of the energy absorbing crystals the Krimn used in their technology. More specifically, this crystal was a rare kind that attracted and absorbed electricity. However, as it absorbed the charge flowing through the shield wall, it quickly reached its limit and released the built-up energy in a brilliant explosion. The ill-fated soldier holding the shield didn’t even have time to comprehend what was happening to him as the metal shield was torn apart by the explosion, him along with it. The Krimn special unit, which had had the foresight to close their eyes and cover their ears right before the explosion, rushed through the gap to slaughter the temporarily blinded and deafened soldiers. The assault squads sprang forward to drive the Krimn back so the shield wall could be rebuilt, but the Krimn unit’s soldiers were all expert veteran soldiers and fought back with calm expertise. The assault squads quickly discovered the these veterans were wearing armor that was entirely insulated in rubber, making their lightning magic near useless.
The battle to close the gap raged on for almost an hour, as the assault squads worked tirelessly to drive out the Krimn, while the Krimn army tried to widen the gap and rush through it to finish off the Zerian army. The master sorcerers weren’t of much help, as they had to deal with the sudden overflow of meat-tanks and ballistae that had suddenly appeared, no doubt saved by the Krimn commander for this exact moment. Finally the assault squads managed to drive the Krimn out, though the special unit that caused the breach were nowhere to be seen, and the shield wall was sealed again. However, this had taken a heavy toll on the Zerian army. More than a third of the assault squads’ soldiers had been killed or wounded in the fight to drive the large heavily armored warriors out. Men died in the healing tents as the light-bearers were forced to make the grim decision to heal the lightly wounded first so they could get back to the battle, rather than the ones who would probably never fight again. The inflow of wounded was so bad that even lightly wounded men died lying on the ground as there were simply not enough healers to help them all. By the time the Krimn retreated that evening, the doctors were ready to fall to the ground, exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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