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We meet again

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Alright guys. I figure that we could do the RP of our star wars combine characters meeting each other again and becoming Mandalorian (not neccesarily in the same one mind you but. . . .at least we can start here) What do you think of the following as the first post?

This is an RP about three brothers; it is semi-open to anybody who feels like joining-please send me a DM for approval first though. And please remember that this story is for the character development of the three Iktotchi brothers. The Casino staff is under the control of Chakaar’nast Tal’darasuum. Both he and “Skree Hek’s new name” are co-GMs in this story.

Shnee had been born on Iktoch, the oldest of three brothers. As they grew their parents became more and more protective of them, their Iktotchi precognition giving them cause to believe that something horrible was going to befall their precious children. More often than not the boys’ mother would refuse to ever let them out of her sight, thinking that if she could watch them then she could protect them. Their father, on the other hand, knew that whatever was to come, was going to come no matter what happened and he strived to make the boys lives as normal as possible, allowing them to play with the others, go to school, and get into as much trouble as young boys of most species do.

On one day, much like any other day, Shnee’s family boarded a transport to travel to a nearby system for a family vacation of sorts. Although the boys’ mother protested taking the boys off planet greatly, their father insisted; citing a normal childhood was exactly what the boys needed, not over protection.
As fortune, or misfortune, would have it, it was on this very day that the warnings that had been flaring in both their parent’s minds came true. While still in subspace, their transport was attacked by a band of vicious slavers. Many of those aboard, Iktotchi and countless other races were taken prisoner; those that fought back were killed, including Shnee’s parents.
Shnee and his brothers were all taken as slaves, their valued precognition increasing their value as potential slaves tenfold.
After their initial capture, Shnee attempted to stand up for his younger brothers. Most often he was brutally beaten down by their captors, and at one point he was beaten so badly that he lost his left eye. Being just a slave, his masters did not even bother to seek medical attention for the young Iktotchi; as a result Shnee would spend a large majority of his life with only one eye and a large scar running down his face.
After travelling for what felt like months, Shnee watched one of his brothers get sold to a rich and powerful man of mystery. He then watched his other brother get sold to the head of a large casino. After this Shnee was utterly alone, he was not allowed to speak to any of the other ‘slaves,’not that he really seemed to want to; they all treated him like he was a monster, with his scarred face and strange precognizant talent, he was a threat to them. Still, however, his slaver captors could not seem to sell him. Nobody wanted a rebellious, badly scarred Iktotchi slave that seemed to not follow orders. Finally, after years of being stuck with the slavers, the slavers were able to pawn the young boy off on a band of roving pirates in a trade of sorts to get some of their fellow slavers back who had been captured by the pirates.
Shnee was quick to fall in line with his new masters’ orders; they did not seem to care about how he looked and having broken him to their will, they easily put him to good use, using his race’s particular skills to better increase their pirating abilities. This went on for years, and Shnee was able to slowly advance from being a meager and disobedient slave to a, well, more respected member, but still a slave, of the crew; however, deep down, Shnee never did forget about his brothers and everywhere the pirates went he tried to look for them, with little success.
At some point in time, the band of cutthroats that Shnee travelled with had occasion totake prisoner a small number of Mandalorians. These prisoners were stripped of their weapons and kept locked away in the pirate’s numerous vessels. Shnee did not know what it was, but he was drawn to these warriors; he didn’t know if it was something about their situation, so similar to his own path or if it wasone of his many bits of precognition, but whatever it was, the now fully grown Shnee found himself sneaking away and listening to the prisoners as they spoke. There he learned much about the Mandalorians and their ways. Eventually he found himself sneaking them bits of food and sitting with them and listening to their stories. This continued for a few months, until eventually Shnee, for reasons unknown, quietly let as many of the Mandalorians ‘escape’ into the night.
From then on, Shnee not only thought about finding his brothers, but also about what he had learned from the prisoners. The biggest thing they had imparted to the young Iktotchi was that there was a chance to start anew; something, Shnee desired so deep within his mind he did not even know it, he only knew that something had begun to gnaw at him in the moments of stillness or when he was in the solitude of his own quarters. Finally, after months of brooding about it, Shnee did the unthinkable; he ran away. In some forgotten port Shnee jumped ship and disappeared into the masses of people; taking with him only a single stolen suit of armor and a few weapons, fully intent on starting a new life. . . . . . . . . . .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A few years later . . . . . .
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A single storm trooper walked into a crowded cantina. Nobody bothered him as most did not feel like getting tangled up with one of the Galactic Empire’s finest; what they did not realize was that the armor was nothing more than a disguise, and underneath there was a badly scarred one eyed Iktotchi, an escaped prisoner.

Walking through the cansino the disguised ex-slave wasn’t exactly sure what he was looking for; he had been through many casinos in the galaxy, but nothing ever jumped out at him. He always hoped that with his race’s special skills he would somehow just know when he was in the right spot; beyond that the Iktotchi would only return to his simple home to resupply and set out once again, letting his mind guide him into whatever adventure he might find; always hoping that he would someday find his brothers.

Somehow, however, here, in this casino, the Iktotchi felt hopeful; maybe he could find something, a clue perhaps, that would point him to one of his brothers.

Walking up to a cleverly disguised security guard, the Iktotchi spoke, the storm trooper helmet disguising his voice just as the suit disguised his race. “I need to speak with the head of security; take me to him.”

"And back he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky! With the white road smoking behind him, and his rapier brandished high! Blood-red were the spurs in the golden noon, wine-red was his velvet coat, When they shot him down in the highway, down like a dog on the highway, and he lay in his blood in the highway
with a bunch of lace at his throat."

-The Highwayman by A. Noyes

"Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without wisdom?
Gird up your loins, I shall question you, and you shall answer me."


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