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The People of the planet Kann

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1The People of the planet Kann Empty The People of the planet Kann on Mon May 09, 2011 5:23 am


APPEARANCE: (go to http://www.ugo.com/games/superhero-generator-heromachine-2-5 and put the below coding into the load section.
2.5b7*m2*Character Name*Hair:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,17,Eyebrows:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,16,Eyes:Standard,asian2,039E65,00B2F0,100,100,15,Nose:Standard,widelong,94007A,94007A,100,100,21,Mouth:Standard,line2,94007A,A6A6A6,100,100,13,Beard:Standard,chinsquare,62077C,94007A,100,100,20,Ears:Standard,duncan,94007A,5A5A5A,100,100,14,Skin:Materials,fraBlank,62077C,94007A,100,100,6,Mask:Standard,sweatband,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,23,Headgear:Expansion1,minotaur,724D21,FFFA9C,100,100,24,Undershirt:Bustiers,cross,724D21,A66900,100,100,7,Overshirt:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,8,Coat:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,19,RightGlove:Standard,bandhilite,848484,636363,100,100,12,LeftGlove:Expansion1,forearm,848484,070707,100,100,30,Insignia:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,9,Neckwear:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,18,Belt:Standard,studded,8D6531,A6A6A6,100,100,26,Leggings:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,10,Overleggings:Standard,fraBlank,636363,CFCFCF,100,100,25,Pants:Standard,sweats,732C00,8D6531,100,100,11,RightFoot:Standard,lowboot,6A0108,734901,100,100,27,LeftFoot:Standard,lowboot,6A0108,734901,100,100,28,Back:Standard,backpack,8D6531,5A3410,100,100,4,Wings:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,29,Tail:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,5,Aura:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,3,Companion:Expansion1,ping,0069B5,304095,100,100,2,Background:New,chipjungle,015519,00B23A,100,100,1,RightHand:Miscellaneous,potion,00B23A,ADA600,100,100,31,LeftHand:Ranged,javelin,732C00,CFCFCF,100,100,22,#

The Kannalie
Homeworld: Kann
Skin Color: Dark Purple, with rare black shades considered to be holy and blessed by the gods
Hair Color:
Eye Color: Green, Blue,
Height: On average 1.0 meters
The Kannalie are a short purple reptilian humanoid species, that were quite notable for their complete lack of scales. Instead they seem to be covered with a soft, yet extremely pliable solid sheet of ‘skin’ that is extremely resistant to any type of moisture. Their skin being completely pore less, allows the Kannalie’s body to repel any types of liquid including the highly corrosive acids that often spout up at random, with only minimal aesthetic damage.
Children are bore to the Kannalie one at a time; those rare children who are born with black skin are held in high honor and offered the best the world of Kann has to offer. This comes at a price; however, as these children are kept in deep protection, with it being rumored that many do not even see the actual light of day.The truth however is different; the beliefs of the Kannalie hold that those who are born with black skin are imbibed with the very essence of the dark ones, the enemies of the gods of the Kannalie. These beings are taken deep beneath the mines of Kann and trained in the arts of stealth, hunting, and combat in order to better defend the rest of the Kannalie people. Those born with black skin also possess the rare abilities of a shape shifter, thought this has not ever been documented or proven.
The Kannalie people hold their religious beliefs very close to their hearts. They take great offense to anyone insulting or attacking their religion. They have even built up a large stone-like structure deep in the swamps of their homeworld, dedicated to their beliefs. These beliefs entail that in the distant past the gods, known as the bringers of safety, and the dark ones fought a great battle over Kann, causing the once smooth planet to become pocked with a variety of pits, holes, and canyons. The bringers of safety eventually defeated the dark ones burying them deep within the core of the planet where the strongest of the bringers of safety stand guard over them-thus those with blackened skin being taken down into the depths of the planet where they are taught to overcome their apparent shortfalls and use them to their advantages.
The Kannalie people are dedicated to preserving the lifestyle of those they worship; the bringers of safety. The bringers of safety had lived in relative peace and simplicity on Kann before the arrival of the dark ones; it is these ways that the Kannalie attempt to emulate.
The Kannalie people live in small relatively simplistic wooden longhouse-type structures where multiple families reside together. Many of the people partake in maintaining their homes, protecting their families and the others in their homes from the vicious creatures that roam the world of Kann.
While the people of Kannalie have chosen to live a relatively simplistic lifestyle, they are very skilled with their hands. These skills they use to advance their people’s quality of life; even though simplistic, they still crave small bits of technologically advanced comforts. As such, they are quite adept at the construction of all varieties of droids; having constructed a small city entirely of droids and mechanized units to conduct off world business, which consists mainly of the taking of personalized orders for handmade custom droids, and the dispatching of requests for specified supplies from other planets within the system.
All droids are composed mainly of a unique bright blue metallic mineral found on the planet Kann, and as such the entire city, known as Narn-Kann glows a pale blue when the rays of the nearby star reflect off of it.

The planet of Kann was once a perfectly spheroid planet with nary a hill or dip of a valley. After some cataclysmic event in long forgotten history, noted as the locals as a battle between their gods and the dark ones, the entire planet was morphed into a completely different place. Over time it became covered with small planes of grassy fields and farmland surrounded by both deep and shallow swamps, hills, and cliffs populated by all manners of wild creatures, some large and carnivourous and others small, quick and not presenting much of a danger to anything other than the meticulously cared for farm plots kept by the Kannalie.

"And back he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky! With the white road smoking behind him, and his rapier brandished high! Blood-red were the spurs in the golden noon, wine-red was his velvet coat, When they shot him down in the highway, down like a dog on the highway, and he lay in his blood in the highway
with a bunch of lace at his throat."

-The Highwayman by A. Noyes

"Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without wisdom?
Gird up your loins, I shall question you, and you shall answer me."


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